Professional Maintenance for Your Billi Tap

Your Approved Billi Tap Service Provider

Our nationwide team of in-house expert Engineers is on hand to assist in the maintenance of your Billi Tap, preserving the integrity of the machine, preventing breakdowns, and ensuring a delicious drinking experience cup after cup.

With a range of different service packages to choose from, including ad-hoc, preventative maintenance and fully comprehensive, we have a Billi service plan to suit the needs of your business, keeping your tap in top condition and your team refreshed.

    Benefits of Billi Maintenance Plans

    Offering superior performance and reliability, our Billi Tap Maintenance Plans offer complete peace of mind. Regular planned maintenance including filter changes, de-scaling and regular checkups ensures your appliance continues to run with optimum performance, reducing the likelihood of any breakdowns and helping to preserve the lifespan of the tap.

    Proactive preventative maintenance helps to avoid break downs

    Easier to budget for as all costs can be established in advance

    • Filters changed regularly to ensure optimum water purity

    Seamless operation guaranteed

    Priority service and call outs

    Excellent Customer Service

    “Liquidline raises the bar with their excellent client service! The team is professional, friendly, accommodating and flexible to the clients’ needs which makes life so much easier.
    The technical assistant service is fast, efficient, helpful, and friendly. The technicians are incredible, always happy, and execute their jobs with absolute professionalism. Their passion for what they do is evident.”

    Sam, Trustpilot

    Billi Tap Servicing Packages

    Our Billi Tap maintenance plans offer different levels of cover, depending on the needs of your business. Each is designed to save you the time, expense, and the implications of hiring a non-Billi approved Engineer and using unofficial parts to maintain your appliance.


    Preventative Maintenance
    Six monthly preventative maintenance visits including Billi tap filter replacement and flush, temperature checks, pump seed checks, error log review and visual inspection.

    Annual scale inspection and temperature re-calibration.

    Covers service parts and labour for planned maintenance visits only.


    Comprehensive Cover
    Six monthly preventative maintenance visits as per the Silver plan, including filter replacements, temperature checks, error log review, pump seed check and visual inspection.

    Annual scale inspection and temperature re-calibration.

    Covers all parts, labour, service and non-service items, scheduled and unscheduled Engineer call outs and visits.

    Our Billi Taps

    Our maintenance packages cover the breadth of the Billi range. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a Billi tap from us, or you already have a tap installed, we can provide service and maintenance to suit.

    Billi Quadra 440

    Billi Quadra 460

    Billi Quadra Sparkling

    Billi Quadra Plus 9

    Billi Quadra Plus 15

    Billi Service & Maintenance FAQs

    No, we can provide Billi maintenance and servicing to customers that have had their tap installed by an alternative supplier. To find out more, please contact our team today by calling 01 963 0314, emailing [email protected] or completing the form below.

    An orange flashing light on your Billi Tap indicates that a filter change is due. After a week or so this orange light will stay on permanently and your hot water option will be shut off. With our preventative maintenance plans your filters will be changed every 6-months, keeping the water from your machine fresh and hygienic.

    Billi filters should be replaced at least every 6- 12-months. With our maintenance plans preventative maintenance is scheduled and managed by us, so you never forget a filter change.

    If your Billi Tap is unused for many days then you may find that it is unresponsive with no lights displaying and it will not dispense chilled or boiling water. To rest your tap simply turn off at the power for 30 seconds, then wait 15 minutes before re-trying. If problems persist then you can contact our technical support team by calling 01 963 0314, emailing [email protected] or reporting via the My Account Portal.

    Sediment and limescale in the main water supply can get stuck in the Billi filter if these are not regularly changed and maintained. If your water is not flowing through as well as usual or you can taste chlorine in your drink, then the filter is probably clogged. To arrange a filter change, please contact our technical support team by calling 01 963 0314, emailing [email protected] or reporting via the My Account Portal.

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    To find out more about our Billi maintenance packages, or to get a free quote, please contact our team today.

    Call us on 01 963 0314, email [email protected] or complete the following form and a member of our team will be in touch very soon.