Fresh vs Powdered Milk – What’s the Difference?  

Fresh vs Powdered Milk – What’s the Difference?  

Latte art with a florette design on top in a red mug and saucer

Whether you’re a coffee, tea or hot chocolate drinker, the milk you use in your drink is important for creating a beverage that is exactly to your taste requirements.  

We have an array of different bean-to-cup coffee machines available at Liquidline, with both fresh and powdered milk options. But what is the difference between fresh and powdered milk? Let us break it down for you…

Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is made from pasteurised milk which has been dehydrated, giving it a powdered consistency and helping to preserve the product. The benefits of powdered milk include having a longer shelf life, as unlike fresh milk, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Powdered milk provides the same nutritional value as fresh milk, and includes nutrients such as calcium, proteins, and vitamins A and D.  

If you’re looking to save a little bit of money, powdered milk tends to be the cheaper option. Some downsides include fewer dietary options than fresh milk – there are very few lactose-free options with powdered milk, though options are coming to market all the time The taste quality is good but doesn’t quite compare to the taste of fresh, liquid milk.  

Powdered milk is very easy to store and thanks to its longer shelf life, is a great option if you want to buy your milk in bulk and have a regular supply without worrying about it going bad. It’s ideal for mixing with beverages such as smoothies, teas and coffee, however, it’s not compatible with espresso machines. If you have an instant coffee machine, powdered milk is often the best option. 

Fresh Milk

With fresh milk, there are more options available for both dietary requirements and taste preferences – there are many fresh milk options from classic cow’s milk, to lactose-free, to oat and almond milk. Fresh milk has a superior taste to powdered milk and contains more vitamins such as B12 and B5, which benefit your body greatly.  

Fresh milk is the best option for use with espresso machines, which is why it is preferred by baristas. It’s better for frothing and creating latte art, and whole milk creates a richer texture for delicious beverages. Although it is known to have a better flavour, consistency and nutritional benefits, fresh milk does need to be refrigerated and has a shorter shelf life. Because of this, it’s difficult to buy in bulk without running the risk of the product going out of date before use.  


Why Liquidline?

Having a selection of milk and other consumables available in your workspace helps to ensure that employees feel valued. A great supply of quality refreshments shows your team that you care about their needs, instead of just putting out a kettle in the kitchen and calling it a day. We have both fresh and powdered milk available to purchase for our customers to keep your refreshment solution fully stocked, whatever your preference. To place an order, get in touch at [email protected] or call 01 963 0314