Seasonal coffee syrup flavours for Halloween horrors and holiday celebrations!

Coffee syrups are the perfect way to sweeten up your drink, allowing you to enjoy coffee-shop flavours  from your workplace. Adored as an alternative to sugar, syrups enable you to sweeten up your drinks with just a splash of your chosen flavour. Not only does this save you paying over the odds for your daily order from your local coffee shop, having a selection of syrups to hand means you can savour the taste of the season all day, every day! 

With syrups ranging from traditional vanilla and caramel to more festive flavours such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon and gingerbread, they are incredibly versatile – enhancing the taste of refreshments including hot drinks, fresh juices, teas, smoothies, and even cocktails. As Ireland’s leading supplier of commercial coffee machines, we are pleased to offer our customers an impressive selection of flavoured syrups, spices and consumables to enjoy – making your coffee break even sweeter! 

How to Use Coffee Syrups

Coffee syrups are simple to use, and a great way to enhance the flavour of your favourite beverage – the more syrup you use, the stronger the taste will be. We recommend pouring a small amount into your drink, although this is fully customisable to your unique tastes – appeasing even the sweetest of sweet-tooth’s!  

We recommend investing in a syrup pump, which disperses the perfect amount and ensures you can enjoy a consistently flavoursome taste with each drink. More so, these trusted tools prevent any sticky spillages! To display your collection of syrups in both a professional and tidy manner, we have a bottle stand available to purchase too.  

DaVinci coffee syrups

Staple Syrup Flavours

Sweet, silky and irresistibly delicious, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut are undoubtedly the most popular syrups. These tasty top-ups are used all year round to enhance coffee-shop favourites such as lattes, macchiatos, iced coolers and hot chocolates.  

As syrup-lovers revel in the glory of the various flavours available, many users mix different syrups together to create an entirely unique refreshment – for a taste experience that is truly one of a kind!

Sugar-free Coffee Syrups

For those wanting to enjoy the sweet taste of syrup without worrying about their calorific value, we present our collection of sugar-free syrups from leading brand DaVinci Gourmet. These syrups act as the perfect alternative to sugar and are equally tantalising on our tastebuds – meaning more users can enjoy the velvety taste of various flavours! 

Our Coffee Syrup Flavours

As Ireland’s leading provider of coffee machines and consumables for commercial spaces, we are proud to stock an exciting selection of coffee syrups that are yours to enjoy all year round! Sourced from DaVinci Gourmet, we have the following flavours available: Caramel, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Honeycomb, Vanilla, Chocolate, Toffee Nut, Amaretto, Gingerbread and Cinnamon. Our sugar-free syrup flavours include Caramel, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.  

Embracing the Festive Feeling

Whether the haunting of Halloween is looming ever closer, or Yuletide celebrations are filling the street with merry faces, you can count on the taste of coffee syrups to feed your festivity and get you into the spirit of the season.  

There is nothing more comforting than a quality cup of coffee, warming your hands to the touch as you embrace the bitterness of cold air, and the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your winter boots. With our eclectic range of seasonal coffee syrups, you can savour the taste of ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.  

Whilst pumpkin spice coffee syrup has become a staple of autumn time, nothing compares to the traditional tastes of chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and gingerbread coffee syrups. 


Utilising the milk foaming features of your commercial coffee machine, and the best suited syrup from our collection, we have been able to create divine drinks comparable to that of even Starbucks and Costa.  

Amongst our favourite seasonal recipes are our Haunting Hot Chocolate, and our famous Autumnal Biscoff Latte Recipe. These festive favourites that are yours to enjoy at the push of a button, without ever having to leave the office into the bitterness of the cold weather.  


At Liquidline, we’re here to break the mold on commercial coffee solutions – proving that syrups are not exclusively for use by baristas! With our collection of exciting syrups, you can now enjoy coffee-shop worthy refreshments from your workplace. More so, the charming packaging of these syrups can help to enrich your commercial space with a professional feel; showing staff and customers that you’re a business that has it all.