Swiss Engineered Excellence From Schaerer

Swiss-based Schaerer has been designing and manufacturing coffee machines for nearly 100 years. In that time they have developed an unrivalled reputation for innovation, introducing technologies that become part of everyday life. They launched the first-ever bean to cup coffee machine in 1974, followed by the first fully automatic cappuccino machine in 1997. 

Today is no different. Schaerer delivers a range of compact and stylish coffee machines that produce exceptional beverages. 

The Scherer Coffee Soul is the jewel of their crown, producing hot and cold barista-quality drinks at the touch of a button that can be personalised to your exact preferences. 

With a Schaerer coffee machine, you are guaranteed a coffee experience like no other.

Why Schaerer Coffee Machines?


The latest state-of-the-art Schaerer technology.


Contact free models for added peace of mind.

Exceptional Coffee

Barista style coffee at the touch of a button.


Personalise your machine and your beverages.

Choose Your Schaerer Coffee Machine

Explore Liquidline’s hand-selected range of Scharerer Coffee Machines that includes state-of-the-art bean to cup machines and fully automated traditional coffee machines.

Support, Servicing & Maintenance

Bring great tasting coffee to your office!  When you lease or purchase a Scheaerer Coffee Machine from Liquildine Ireland you’ll benefit from free installation and on-site training provided by one of our expert engineers. Should you choose to purchase consumables from Liquidline Ireland, such as coffee beans and crockery, you’ll also enjoy free maintenance and servicing.


Schaerer coffee machines are available to purchase or lease from Liquidline Ireland from €23.25 per week with free installation and on-site training from a professional engineer.

The cleaning regime for your Schaerer coffee machine will depend on the model of your machine.

Certain elements of your machine will need to be cleaned daily, whilst a more thorough system clean should be conducted once a week. Your machine will also need to be descaled regularly, though this will depend on how hard the water is in your area.

We recommend cleaning the mixer, milk system, drip tray and outer housing of your Schaerer coffee machine on a daily basis. It’s especially important you rinse the milk system as small amounts of milk can get stuck to the inside of the pipes, which can become potentially dangerous if not cleaned correctly. 

Once per week, you should run the system clean programme on the machine. This is an automated programme that simply requires you to follow a few instructions on screen before adding either a cleaning tablet or solution (depending on the model of your coffee machine).

We advise having your Schaerer coffee machine serviced annually to keep it working in tip-top condition. A service will enable our engineers to carry out checks on the machine, as well as performing any planned preventative maintenance required to stop a breakdown from occurring in future.