Ultimate Water Solutions From Billi Taps

Providing boiling, chilled and sparkling water to customer around the world, Billi taps are synonymous with style, convenience and innovation. 

An award-winning product, Billi taps provide delicious filtered drinking water for hot and cold beverages, keeping your team hydrated throughout the day.

Its ultra-compact design lends itself to small office kitchens and break out rooms, whilst additional energy-saving features help keep ongoing costs and your carbon footprint low. 

If your business is focused on wellness, productivity, efficiency and sustainability, then a Bili tap is a logical choice.

Why Billi Taps?

Premium Filtration

An advanced filtration system that provides exceptionally clean purified water.

Space Saving

Half the size of comparable products with no cupboard ventilation required.

Energy Efficient

The heat from the chilling process is captured to preheat boiling water.


A self-learning timer operates chilling and boiling only when required.

Choose Your Billi Tap

Explore our diverse range of mains fed Billi taps featuring chilled and boiling, as well as chilled, boiling and sparkling configurations.

Support, Servicing & Maintenance


Refresh and revive your staff and visitors with delicious filtered water from Billi. When you order a Billi tap from Liquidline Ireland you’ll receive first-class customer service from day one. We’ll help you choose the best Billi tap for your needs, deliver and install it for free and provide on-site training. Our customer service team will then be on hand to ensure you make the most of your Billi tap. As a Billi service partner, we have a team of fully trained Billi engineers who can maintain and fix your tap should any issues occur.


The price of a Billi tap varies depending on the requirements of your business. How many people will be using the tap and how often? Do you require boiling and chilled water or would you like sparkling?

At Liquidline Ireland, Billi taps are available from €18.75 per week on a 3 or 5-year lease, with free delivery, installation and onsite training.

Billi is an under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system that uses heat-exchange technology that harnesses the heat produced from chilling the water to pre-heat water ready for boiling. 

Water from the mains is chilled by running through a complex filter system to remove impurities, then through a thermostore tank that features superior insulation to keep the water chilled.

Boiling water is produced in record time as it’s already pre-heated using heat-exchange technology. It is then run through a boiler which heats the water to 98.5 degrees celsius – the optimum temperature for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Many other under counter hot and cold water systems produce a lot of heat and require unsightly ventilation grills. The Billi systems are cooled by water and so do not need ventilation.

Thanks to their energy-saving features, Billi taps are much more cost-efficient than other boiling and chilled water systems with running costs averaging about 11pence per day, compared to 42pence per day – that’s a saving of over £100 per year. If you’re currently relying on a bottle-fed water dispenser for your drinking water, the savings will be even more substantial as you’ll no longer be required to buy refills – good for your wallet and the environment.

The biggest inefficiency with using a kettle is that naturally, we tend to overfill it, boiling more water than what we actually need. The remaining water inside the kettle then cools quickly as heat is lost through the body of the kettle, therefore the next person has to boil it again to get it up to heat for their tea or coffee – leading to double boiling. 

With a Billi tap you only use the boiling water you need. The water is contained in a heavily insulated tank, preserving the temperature and avoiding the need for reboiling.

Billi taps also use heat exchange technology to repurpose the heat emitted by the chilling process to pre-warm water for boiling, meaning it takes less time and energy to bring to boiling point.