The Café Bonté Story

The commute to work can be tedious, whether it’s on a busy bus or train, or stuck in traffic. We often get to work feeling tired before the day has started.
If there’s one thing that can provide an instant pick-me-up, it’s an amazing cup of coffee. We call that first sip of coffee ‘
Café Bonté’. Our goal is to provide the very best coffee and bring enjoyment to coffee lovers across Ireland. We believe that amazing coffee can make people feel good and help them to form a connection with wherever they get their coffee. We all deserve these Café Bonté moments and we’re passionate about bringing them to the masses.

We engage our years of experience and roast our beans to satisfy all the different tastes of Irish coffee lovers. Coffee is personal, so we have expertly curated our range to perfection to deliver Café Bonté moments for every unique preference. It’s important to know the journey your coffee has taken to get to your cup too – how it’s been grown, who’s grown it and where it’s come from, which is why you will find ethical certifications throughout our range of coffee.

Great Tasting Coffee


To suit the needs of consumers we offer a variety of different coffee blends, all graded depending on strength. Decaf is also available to purchase.
Enjoy high quality, freshly ground coffee, that is certain to impress.




Our Café Bonté point-of-sale, such as menus and loyalty cards, enables you to encourage and engage with your customers.

Our Equipment


We offer a variety of different commercial coffee machines, from in-cup instant to bean to cup machines. All available to purchase or lease.