Zip Taps

Experience Water at its Best

Zip Water has an unrivalled reputation in filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water and is known around the world as home to one of the world’s most advanced drinking water systems – the HydroTap.

With cutting edge filtration systems and energy-saving functionality, Zip taps provide your team and visitors with pure and refreshing water, whilst also looking out for the environment. 

Designed to meet the varying demands of busy workplaces, a Zip HydroTap can provide up to 240 boiling or 175 chilled cups per hour.

For over 70 years Zip has been at the forefront of drinking water innovation, and their latest model, the Zip HydroTap Touchfree Wave is no different. Operated hands-free with infrared sensors, the Touchfree Wave provides delicious drinking water in a safe and secure environment.

Why Zip HydroTap?

First-Class Filtration

An advanced filtration system that provides exceptionally pure water.


Contact-free models for added peace of mind.


Able to offer boiling, chilled and even sparkling water.


Reduce single-use plastic with a mains fed water tap.

Choose Your Zip HydroTap

Increase concentration, reduce downtime and boost creativity at your workplace by investing in a Zip HydroTap today.

Support, Servicing & Maintenance


Liquidline prides itself on delivering the very best customer service. We take a consultative approach to sales to ensure we deliver an efficient water solution that’s tailored to your exact needs. We offer free delivery, installation and on-site training when you purchase or lease a machine from us, and we provide exceptional aftercare, maintenance and servicing. Our customer service team are always on hand should you have any questions or queries, and if you purchase your consumables from Liquidline we’ll also maintain and service your water dispenser for free!


A Zip HydroTap is a plumbed in water system that offers instant boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water. Water is dispensed from a single tap with a compact undercounter system that heats, chills and filters the water.

Liquidline’s range of Zip HydroTaps are available to lease on a 3 or 5 year contract with prices starting from €25.50. All our prices include free delivery, installation and onsite training with one of our expert technicians. We’ll then ensure your Zip tap stays in top condition by providing ongoing service and maintenance.

The Zip HydroTap is one of the most advanced filtered drinking water solutions available on the market. The compact undercounter system draws water from your mains supply which is then filtered removing contaminants such as dirt, lead and microplastics as small as 0.2 microns. The water is then either chilled or heated before being dispensed using a stylish touchpad.

If your Zip tap is correctly maintained and regularly cleaned then they can be used within a commercial environment for up to 10 years.