Our Coffee Brands

Explore our hand-picked selection of coffee brands from around the globe. From our exciting in house blends, Café Bonté and Café Subito, to the Italian icon Lavazza and our latest range from Change Please.

Café Bonté

Our very own Café Bonté brand is all about that first sip of delicious coffee that washes your worries away and creates a feeling of comfort. Café Bonté is available as whole bean or ground coffee beans, in a variety of package sizes. Choose from our everyday Café Bonté Platino beans for a strong, robust cup, or indulge the Italia with notes of caramel and dark chocolate. Whichever blend you choose, you’re guaranteed a quality cup

Change Please Coffee Cup

Change Please

You may not have had a cup of coffee that’s changed your life, but what if it could change someone else’s for the better? Change Please is a social enterprise that helps lift people out of homelessness by retraining them as baristas and providing living wage employment. Liquidline has partnered with Change Please to offer their award-winning coffee to our commercial customers and support them in their mission to end homelessness in the UK.


Italy’s favourite espresso for over 125 years, Lavazza is renowned for creating authentic coffee experiences. At Liquidline we offer a range of our favourite Lavazza coffees including the delicious Supercrema Coffee Beans, which provide a velvety smooth texture with aromas of honey and almond, or the classic Lavazza Tierra coffee beans for the perfect Italian espresso.

Café Subito

Another of our in-house brands, Café Subito is an instant coffee brand like no other. We package our Café Subito coffee in 100% recyclable containers, unlike traditional fibre drums which usually go to landfill. We also ensure all our coffee beans are ethically sourced, blending together Arabica and a touch of Robusta to create a smooth, rich and full-bodied instant coffee.

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