Office Coffee Machines for Professionals

Delight your team and visitors with a comprehensive coffee solution that includes a coffee machine for your office, a range of nation-loved consumables, fantastic customer service and inclusive service and maintenance.

A professional coffee machine for your office can…

✅ Increase productivity
✅ Boost team happiness
✅ Improve teamwork and collaboration
✅ Save money
✅ Help the environment

Happy Team = Happy Clients

It’s no secret that a happy team is more productive, motivated and engaged, and that quality coffee provision can go a long way in helping your workers to feel more appreciated. Boosting happiness and reducing stress levels.

Liquidline Ireland provides all the tools you need to provide quality refreshments to your team that are great value and require very little staff input. All our office coffee machines include free delivery, installation and on-site training. We have a broad range of nation-loved teas, coffees and ancillaries that you repeat order for ultimate convenience. Plus, when you order consumables from us we’ll also include free service and maintenance, to ensure your team are powered up whatever the circumstances.

Liquidline's Complete Coffee Solution


Choose from our wide range of commercial coffee machines with models to suit every workplace, from boutique studios to large corporate offices.


Enjoy a delicious coffee from our in-house Café Bonté brand, plus other nation loved consumables, delivered next day. Set up repeat orders for ultimate convenience. 


With a 97% customer retention rate you’re guaranteed to receive 5-star customer service, from initial enquiry through to installation, training and aftercare.


Get free servicing and maintenance with a guaranteed response time when you purchase your consumables from Liquidline.

Choosing a Coffee Machine for the Office

Gone are the days where office workers relied on a kettle and a jar of instant for their daily caffeine hit. Thanks to the high street coffee boom, we’ve all developed a much more sophisticated taste for coffee. 

Whether you’re looking for simplicity, great value or a wide selection of beverages, Liquidline Ireland has a tailor-made office coffee solution to meet your exact needs. Choose from our wide range of bean to cup coffee machines, filter coffee machines, instant coffee machines and traditional espresso machines.

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Best Office Coffee Machine

Bean to cup coffee machines are the most popular choice of coffee machines for offices as they’re generally very easy to use, they prepare drinks quickly and require very little maintenance. They also offer the broadest range of drinks, preparing barista style specialty coffees such as latte, cappuccino and macchiato at the touch of a button. Some even offer hot chocolate and fresh leaf tea.

Best for Small Offices

Coffeetek Vitro S1

A small but mightly bean to coffee machine, this compact design can fit into the smallest spaces and is easy to clean, operate and maintain.

Best for Medium Offices

Schaerer Club

A highly efficient bean to cup machine that’s easy to use and maintain. Provide high quality, freshly ground speciality coffee that your team will love.

Best for Large Offices

Schaerer Soul

Choice is King with the Schaerer Soul, which offers over 200 different drink configurations. Coffee shop coffee without a trained barista.


The best coffee machine for your office really depends on the needs and requirements of your team. For small teams seeking simplicity, a filter coffee machine may suffice, whilst for large teams, a speedy and easy to use bean to cup coffee machine would be a better option.

The coffee experts at Liquidline will work closely with your team and get under the skin of your business before recommending an office coffee machine that would best suit your workplace.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

To purchase an office coffee machine outright can cost anything between €500 and €15,00, depending on the functionality, make and model.  However, most of our customers choose instead to lease a coffee machine for their business as there are significant financial benefits from doing so. 

The lifespan of an office coffee machine really depends on how well it’s maintained. Regular cleaning, servicing and preventative maintenance will prolong the life of your professional coffee machine. Well-engineered traditional espresso machines can last for up to 20 years, whilst high volume bean to cup or instant machines can expect to have a lifespan of around 5 years. By leasing a coffee machine you can get a brand new machine every 3-5 years, ensuring you always have the best technology available

Coffee machines for businesses will require daily and weekly cleaning, though the level of which really depends on the make and model of your machine. Many bean to cup coffee machines include automatic cleaning programmes that simply require you to add a cleaning tablet or solution, then push a button to activate. Elements such as the exterior of the machine and drip trays will however require manual cleaning.

Much like a car, it’s important to have your office coffee maker serviced regularly to ensure it’s kept in tip-top condition and continues to deliver fantastic coffee for your workplace. Generally, we recommend having your business coffee machine serviced annually, though, for very high volume machines that produce hundreds of drinks per day, we may recommend more regular services and preventative maintenance.

No problem – if you purchase consumables from Liquidline Ireland you’ll get free service and maintenance included with your office coffee machine. Simply give us a call on 01 963 0314 to report the issue. We’ll do everything we can to sort the problem out remotely over the phone, if not we’ll send out an engineer who will be with you as soon as possible.