Office Coffee and Water Dispensers

Whether you have a large or small office, it's essential to provide your staff with quality coffee and clean drinking water. It's just one of your business's many OH&S requirements. Office water dispensers are an easy and flexible solution that can provide chilled, sparkling, and boiling water on tap.
Premium Office Coffee
Lattes, Cappuccinos and dozens of speciality coffee options at the push of a button but with quality as a good as any world class barista.
  • Top beverage quality for premium vending using fresh milk
  • Easy to clean: Automatic cleaning programme for coffee, milk and powder system
Billi Taps
Looking for high quality drinking water dispensers with options for Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water Taps
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Instant Hot & Cold Water
  • Smallest undercounter footprint
Touchless Upgrades
Simply push the adapter with the back of a cup. The specially-designed curved adapter reduces the risk of contact between the cup lip and the tap.
  • Low Energy
  • Instant Hot Water
  • Touchless Dispenser

Popular Coffee Break Locations


  • Make a great first impression for guest and visitors.
  • Offer convenient, great tasting refreshments.
  • Save time for reception staff.
  • Easy to clean
  • A great way to promote your company with branded crockery.

Meeting Rooms

  • Increase productivity in meetings.
  • Offer a wider choice of drinks.
  • Keep staff and visitors alert during meetings.
  • Improve the meeting atmosphere.
  • Leave a good impression.


  • Provide convenient barista style coffee.
  • Create a coffee shop style atmosphere.
  • Offer a variety of drinks choices.
  • Staff are less likely to leave the premises.
  • Reliable source of refreshment.

Breakout Areas

  • Encourage collaboration between your staff.
  • Promote break time within the workplace.
  • Give staff a place to relax which in turn encourages productivity.
  • Can help keep workplaces tidy.
  • Boost your staff engagement.