Schaerer Coffee Machine Guide

Schaerer is a leading coffee machine manufacturer and supplier based in Switzerland, with over 100 partners across the globe. Renowned for their innovative coffee machine inventions, Schaerer is well known for their coffee expertise and extensive industry experience.

When you choose Schaerer, you can expect a high level of quality when it comes to coffee no matter the location of the machine. Whether they are being used in cafés, offices, hotels or any other commercial space, their machines are always a crowd-pleaser. We offer a wide range of Schaerer coffee machines at Liquidline, along with comprehensive services and expert consultations, helping you to meet your customer’s needs.

In recent years Schaerer introduced their innovative “Hot & Cold Technology” across the Schaerer Coffee Soul models, giving you the ability to craft chilled coffees and frappuccinos with intense flavours at the touch of a button. There are no limits to what these state-of-the-art machines can achieve when it comes to their inventive coffee technology solutions.

Why Schaerer?

Schaerer has been in business for over 125 years and was founded in 1892 by Maurice Schaerer with an official opening of a small retail shop. Initially, the company focus was on medical devices, rather than fully automatic coffee machines, with Schaerer developing operating tables, sterilisation and disinfection equipment. It wasn’t until 1924 that Schaerer developed its first high-volume coffee brewer. 

Today Schaerer is committed to exploring beyond limits and leaving our mark on the coffee industry. In 1997, their revolutionary automatic cappuccino system took the world by storm, in 2007 the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus opened the door to the Schaerer Milk Universe and in 2013 they created Flavour Art, a variety of flavoured hot and cold coffee-based milk beverages. 

Schaerer now has a global presence through subsidiaries in Germany, the USA and Belgium and more than 100 partners in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It has been part of the WMF Group and is respected by coffee connoisseurs across the globe.

Hot & Cold Technology

Schaerer’s hot and cold feature on the powerful Schaerer Coffee Soul machine enables you to brew hot and serve cold, with freshly ground coffee, opening a new world of possibilities. The beverage cooling system cools the coffee down to about 30-35 degrees. When ice cubes are added to the pre-cooled coffee, they melt slowly, keeping those aromatic flavours intact. This new feature is ideal for any coffee specialist wanting to experiment with creative new coffee recipes.

Best Foam Technology

The Schaerer Best Foam technology is a fully patented system that can be used to offer custom coffee of the highest barista standard. Best Foam delivers a quality, silky, glossy and stable milk foam that remains consistent from cup to cup. You can even add your own flavour point with up to four different syrup choices for your coffee machine.

Our Partnership with Schaerer

Coffee is at the heart of what we do here at Liquidline. Coffee comes to life with Schaerer, hence why our partnership with them has grown stronger over the years. Schaerer is one of the most loved brands in the industry. It has grown at an incredible rate since its first machine was launched in 1924 and has been responsible for numerous industry innovations since. Thanks to the Schaerer range, we can help companies all over the world enjoy quality coffee and service to the fullest.

Schaerer Coffee Machines

There are several models of Schaerer coffee machines that exceed all expectations. There is a machine for any type of business or organisation, whether you are based in an office, restaurant, gym or car dealership. From fully automated barista machines to self-service bean-to-cup coffee machines, that can produce up to 350 cups per day. 

Schaerer manufactures their coffee machines to make the most of user-interface technology with a vertical swipe function to help create a clear and ready self-service screen for the user. To this day, Schaerer continues to be a successful provider of fully automated coffee machines, helping provide the morning coffee and afternoon pick me up for coffee lovers in hotels, bars, offices and restaurants across the world.

Schaerer Barista

The Schaerer Barista machine offers the ultimate coffee brewing experience, creating up to 300 beverages per day. Grind and prepare fresh Italian espresso coffee of a consistent quality thanks to its automated processes. This machine is easy to operate, clean and is fully automatic, complete with a manual steam wand to froth milk. This machine is for passionate barista, coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants.

Schaerer coffee club touchless bean to cup coffee machine

Schaerer Coffee Club

The Schaerer Coffee Club machine has a daily output of up to 80 beverages, with a slim build and large capacity, and is fresh milk or milk powder combined, depending on your choice. This machine is ideal for usage in restaurants, hotels, cafes, convenience stores, catering businesses and offices. It has a 4.5 litre drinking water tank with a level sensor, a simple cleaning concept including a CleanIT for the milk system and the opportunity to connect to payment systems via an MDB interface.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 is ideal for any commercial space, with the capacity to produce up to 250 drinks per day. Benefiting from its sleek and modern design, the Coffee Soul features a user-friendly 10.4″ touchscreen display, as well as the choice between three user interface systems to best suit your business needs. Enjoy barista quality drinks cup after cup, thanks to the machine’s Best Foam™ milk technology which can create perfectly textured milk in seconds.

Operational Areas

There are a variety of commercial coffee machines to choose from depending on your place of work. Schaerer covers all aspects of the working environment, including fast-paced and high-demand coffee shops, low-key office environments and self-service premises.


The Schaerer coffee range is suited for all operational environments, including restaurants. Schaerer offers sturdy and durable coffee machines with the widest range of beverages and easy operational methods, to help serve your customers the highest-quality coffee. With Schaerer you can provide large amounts of high-quality coffee at peak times.

Bars & Coffee Shops

If you are considering a coffee machine to help create the perfect coffee culture and chilled-out environment for customers, then Schaerer is the brand for you. Schaerer’s impressive range of coffee machines produces high-quality milk beverages, thanks to their innovative Best Foam technology, to create an unmissable coffee experience. The Schaerer range creates commercial coffee machines with sleek, modern-looking designs that are attractive to look at.


Schaerer offers a reliable supply of high-quality coffee at all times with generous connections to conventional payment systems, high volumes of coffee output and a range of different beverages to choose from. The Schaerer range hosts a reliable selection of coffee machines with easy operation thanks to the TouchIT system functionality. They also have lockable storage, bean hoppers and powder containers to ensure protection for your coffee solutions.

Convenience Stores

There are many coffee solutions for convenience stores within the Schaerer range. Schaerer coffee machines have optimum hourly outputs with minimal space requirements and easy cleaning solutions. They offer a wide range of beverages for all types of flavours with consistency of taste and easy self-service thanks to the TouchIT display system. You can even integrate advertisements via a functional display. They also offer a choice of manual and automatic milk preparation. The quick and easy cleaning and perfect hygiene systems are based on the HACCP concept.


Create the ultimate hospitality experience with Schaerer barista-quality coffee machines in hotels and bars. The Schaerer range is ideal in the breakfast setting, for self-service use during breakfast at hotels, with reliable operation via the TouchIT displace. It is also flexible thanks to its countless configuration points. These machines produce large amounts of high-quality coffee at peak times and can be configured for both professional service and self-service for your customers.

If you’re interested in adding a Schaerer Coffee Machine to your business, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today, who will be happy to advise on the best machine for your circumstances.