Touchless Coffee Machines

Bring safer coffee experiences to your workplace with a state of the art touchless coffee machine.

Why Install a Touchless Coffee Machine?

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Reassuring Coffee Experiences

Touchless coffee machines offer the same great tasting coffee in a safer and more hygienic environment. By reducing the number of common touchpoints in the workplace, employers can help prevent the spread of viruses and pathogens. 

As the market leader for touchless coffee machines, we offer a range of touchless technologies. From distance selection, which allows you to select the product you want from 2cm away, to WiFi-enabled machines that use QR codes and smartphone apps.

To discover the best touchless coffee machine for your workplace, hospitality venue or car dealership, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to provide best practice advice and a free, no-obligation quote based on your needs.

Smartphone Operated Touchless Coffee Machines

Enjoy freshly brewed, top quality coffee with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

Schaerer Soul

An impressive bean to cup machine that creates barista-style coffee by scanning a QR code on the front of the machine to access a web based app.

Schaerer Club

A small but powerful machine. Select your chosen drink using the intuitive touchpad or order directly from your phone via the coffeeMYstation app.

How Does Distance Selection Technology Work?

Distance technology allows your team, customers and visitors to safely prepare their favourite beverages without having to touch the surface of your commercial coffee machine.

The intuitive touchscreen interfaces includes sensors just below the surface of the screen, that detect movement within 2cm of the machine. You can therefore prepare your drink of choice by simply hovering your finger above the surface of the selection button.

Touchless Coffee Machines with Distance Selection Technology

Distance selection technology allows you to select your beverage of choice as normal, but without actually touching the surface of the machine. Simply hover your finger approximately 2cm away from the surface of your chosen selection button to order your favourite speciality coffee. 

Choose from our range of commercial coffee machines with distance selection technology, suitable for commercial premises big and small.

Vitro X3

A high volume bean to cup coffee machine capable of producing up to 350 cups per day. Create authentic Italian style drinks instantly with its quick dispense system.


Choose from bean to cup or instant coffee models. Choose from 17 different drinks selection, including tea and chocolate, and brew up to 700 cups per day.

Vitro X1

A compact, easy to maintain bean to cup coffee machine that’s ideal for small businesses. Available with up to 12 speciality coffee and chocolate options.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of touchless coffee machines. Some work in exactly the same way as a normal commercial coffee machine, they just include distance selection technology so you only need to hover your finger over a button instead of actually pressing it. Other touchless coffee machines are wifi enabled and use QR codes or smartphone apps to dispense your coffee of choice.

Touchless coffee machines are more hygienic than traditional coffee machines as they eliminate a common touchpoint within the workplace environment, reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. A touchless coffee machine can help prevent the spread of other viruses including the common cold, helping to reduce the number of sick days in your company.

Yes – we still recommend you clean your touchless coffee machine in line with the manufacturer’s guidance and would recommend a daily wipedown with a food-safe sanitiser. If you have any questions with regards to the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial coffee machine then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to advise.

The cost of a touchless coffee machine is very much dependent on the type of coffee machine chosen (e.g. bean to cup vs. instant) and the type of touchless technology you prefer. Our bean to cup touchless coffee machines with distance selection technology are available to lease for 3 to 5 years from around €21.25 per week.